The No. 107 Buck Jones Special


In 1934, after their early success with the Buzz Barton in 1932 and 1933, Daisy introduced the Buck Jones Special.  It was their second air rifle to be sponsored by a Hollywood cowboy star.  In May 1934, Daisy initiated a nation-wide contest between the Buck Jones Special and the Buzz Barton air rifles.  The Buck Jones was voted the winner.





Pump guns were very popular with boys in those days, and this one sported fancy engraving on the frame, along with an inlaid compass and a sundial on the stock.


The trombone-pump action Buck Jones Special



“BUCK JONES” was engraved in to the left side of the receiver.

Both sides had fancy engraving.



Compass and sundial with match inserted in sundial hole




Variation 1

Buck Jones Junior Pump Gun No. 105 Overstamp




In 1933, when Daisy began making the Buck Jones Special, they had some No. 105 frames left over from the Junior Pump Gun run.  Being the kind of company that never wasted any materials, Daisy just stamped over the number “105” with the number “107”.  Because the gun was already stamped “Junior Pump Gun,” it became the No. 107 Junior Pump Gun.


This is, by far, the most difficult variation of the Buck Jones to find. 


Buck Jones Special No. 105 Overstamp – Patent 1,886,581


In the photo above, it is not easy to see, but the number seven has over stamped the number five.  It is easier to see that the number one has been struck twice.






Variation 2

No. 107 Buck Jones Special with needle compass

(1934 - 1942)


The only difference between this variation and the next variation is the type of compass.  The needle type is believed to be the earlier of the two because this is the one that the Buck Jones Junior Pump Gun (Variation 1) has.  All compasses had the word “DAISY” above the center bulls eye.


The compass maker for both types was the U.S. Gauge Co. of New York.  This name was printed at the bottom of each compass dial.


In the left compass only the needle moved.

In the right compass there is no needle and the compass wheel rotated or “floated.”




Variation 3

No. 107 Buck Jones Special with floating compass

(1934 - 1942)


This gun is identical to Variation 2 with the exception of the compass type.  This variation had the floating compass dial.




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