We believe that it would be nearly impossible to definitively list all the possible variations of the No. 25 Pump Gun.  We have made our best attempt here and hope future generations will fill in any gaps as more knowledge is gained. 


A word of caution is in order regarding No. 25 variations.  The front part of any pump gun can be joined to the rear part of any other gun by simply connecting the two with any type of take-down screw.  Though easily done, these after manufacture, combination guns, are not legitimate production Daisy pump guns and therefore are not credited as a variation. 


Remembering that our goal is that a novice be able to easily find a gun, we have chosen to divide the No. 25 variations into three distinct sections that are differentiated by type of stock.  They are the straight wood stock, pistol-grip wood stock, and plastic stock.


Straight-Stock No. 25s

Pistol-Grip Stock No. 25s

Plastic-Grip Stock No. 25s


(We would like to acknowledge the work of John Steed in building a comprehensive chronology of Plymouth No. 25 gun variations.  Published in 2003, his chronology is based on a foundation of extensive research.  Although our chronology differs somewhat from his, the differences are slight and ours was made better by review of the Steed chronology.)