Plymouth Pump Guns


Daisy produced only three different pump action guns at the Plymouth Michigan plant.  They were the No. 25 Daisy Pump Gun, the No. 105 Junior Pump Gun, and the No. 107 Buck Jones Special.  By far, the best known and most popular of these was the No. 25 Pump Gun.


The No. 25 Pump Gun


No. 25 Pump Gun Variations

Straight-Stock No. 25s

Pistol-Grip Stock No. 25s

Plastic-Grip Stock No. 25s


No. 25 Target Outfits and Accessories

No. 25 Advertising

No. 25 Shot Tubes


The No. 105 Junior Pump Gun


The No. 107 Buck Jones Special


Model 25’s Made in Rogers Arkansas